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Marshalltown High School Class of 1999

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Name:    Andrew D Browns
Current Location:    Caledonia, MN

After regaining consciousness after the stupor that I recall as the summer of 1999, I attended our city's finest collegiate institution - the “Harvard of the Highway” - Marshalltown Community College, for meteorology. This seriously conflicted with my lifestyle, which lead me to decide, I needed a change. Mid-second semester of my freshman year of college I decided to stop going and subsequently dropped out. I then had less than successful stints at Wal-Mart, Family Time, Scott's Manufacturing, and a few places not worth mentioning - none of which were in the adult film industry - no, you didn't recognize me in that “one“... I also, was a member of various rock bands which always were just on the verge of making it big. I met my lovely wife, Erica, in the summer of 2003 and was encouraged to try college once more. After I reconciled with my liver it was back to learning. Since I had frequent police interactions and had already gained much knowledge of the law, I decided to get a criminal justice degree. Two years later I emerged with an AA and an AS in Criminal Justice having been named the “Outstanding Student” in my department. By this time in 2005 I had just been married and was ready to start my life on the East Coast of Iowa. My wife and I traveled across the state and I, now with this wonderful education and degree in hand, quickly became employed at Lowe's Home Improvement. This was, fortunately, a short stint that ended much the way my Wal-Mart experience did, but it lead to better things. I started working in the Human Services field in December 2005 and haven't looked back. I'm currently a Case Worker at Lutheran Services of Iowa. I'm active in my church and the community. I play softball and volleyball and enjoy spending time with my pets and family. My wife is a radio DJ in Dubuque and we plan to build a house this summer. However, I’ve much matured since high school - and only after the proper amount of liquid persuasion will I bark like a dog or perform the "Tower of Power". Oh, and I still rock.

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